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Tips and tools

Buying guides

Valuable tools to support you in your choices

Choosing a highly customizable product is both exciting and complex. We've created buying guides to steer you through the multitude of possibilities available to you. These guides will help you identify your needs and the products that can meet them.

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Personalize your furniture in 9 easy steps!

Look, dimensions, configuration, storage...several elements are to be considered in the selection of personalized furniture. Where to start? Here are our tips to make your choice easier.

Vanico Duo coiffeuse 3

4 ultra-functional dressing tables to enhance your makeup/styling sessions

Treat yourself to the ultimate in comfort with a cleverly optimized dressing table to enhance your beauty care routine!

Choisir sa collection

Choosing the Right Collection for your bathroom

Discover the collections available to you in 5 questions!

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Choosing materials for your furniture

Melamine, thermo, wood...learn more about our materials and our models of doors and facades to make an informed decision according to your tastes and needs.

Vasque Muse

Countertop and sink buying guide

Which countertop would go best with your furniture? What sink options are available to you? Discover the range of possibilities!

Styles test

5 design styles to suit every taste!

Discover our creative inspirations and how they influence our furniture designs.