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Architects and designers

Let's forge a creative partnership

Synergy is a professional partnership program that combines your creative enthusiasm, our customization capabilities, and the expertise of our dealers to bring your clients' projects to life. These three factors are the key to helping clients express their vision of comfort.

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Why incorporate Vanico-Maronyx products into your projects?

  1. Save time with our portfolio of modular products that offer countless possibilities for variable-sized configurations in 80 colors.
  2. Design your layouts with user-friendly sales tools.
  3. Explore a wide range of demo products at our authorized dealers to inspire your creativity.
  4. Benefit from a wide range of thoughtfully integrated accessories and options to optimize functionality and user experience.
  5. Deepen your creative expertise by partnering with a company that has specialized in bathroom furniture since 1980.

Our Synergy program provides exclusive benefits for professionals.


Partner dealer

Partner with an experienced advisor to meet your needs.


Price list

Access our PDF price catalog.



Get free samples or purchase them through a partner dealer.


Exclusive savings

Enjoy a discount on purchases for personal use. Some restrictions apply.

Free exposure

Showcase your completed projects in the “Inspiration” section of our website and on our social media platforms.


Voice of the customer

Share your expertise in our discussion forums.

Contact us to join the Synergy program