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A partner in your business vision

Is your team passionate about designing and planning functional bathrooms and looking for creative solutions to meet the requirements of each project?

Vanico-Maronyx personalization gives in-store advisors the ability to easily express the idea of comfort every customer has in mind.


6 key factors for a win-win partnership

  1. You see yourself as a design clearinghouse specializing in plumbing fixtures.
  2. You take a creative, human-centred approach based on personalized design.
  3. You treat furnishings as the key element on which to base sales of other products.
  4. You are willing to take the time with your customers and provide them with the best solution.
  5. You’re looking for a well-thought-out, proven alternative to the work of kitchen designers.
  6. You are located in Canada or the United States.

Put our team to work for you!

Full-service solutions

  • Includes a mirror and medicine cabinet with or without integrated lighting
  • Countertop
  • Sink

Our unique production facility combines three business lines to deliver fully integrated solutions while streamlining the buying and delivery process.

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Products made to order

  • Just under 30 collection design variations
  • A variety of products and sizes
  • A wide selection of finishes and colours

Because we believe—just like you—that every project is unique, we produce the best solution for your customer, made to order from our selection of personalized products.


Sales support

  • Advisor training and powerful sales tools
  • Efficient quoting services
  • Personalized electrical and plumbing specifications for each order
  • Real-time order access to make it easier to manage deliveries

Contact a representative today!


They have a vision. You have the skills. We have the solutions.

Together, let’s help our customers express their personal vision of a perfect bathroom design!