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Warranty and service

The Vanico-Maronyx team makes every effort to maintain the quality of its products at all times and a level of service that meets its commitments. You will find below our guarantee, our maintenance instructions and our after-sales service policy.




Mirror | 2 YEARS
Against oxidation
Sublime | 2 YEARS

Lacquer wood or satin lacquer | 3 YEARS

Against cracking or adhesion failure of the lacquer

Oiled finish | 3 YEARS

Melamine | 5 YEARS

Against adhesion failure of the PVC edge

Thermo | 5 YEARS
Against adhesion failure of the material


Undermount sink | 3 YEARS
Against separation of the sink from the countertop
Porcelain | 5 YEARS
Against manufacturing defects
Unimar 3.0 | 5 YEARS
Against cracks due to thermal shocks and warping of more than 1/8" per linear foot

Quartz | 10 YEARS


Electrical components | 1 YEAR
Operation, excluding bulbs
Hardware (hinges, slides, handles…) |

Operation, finish…
Faucet | 5 YEARS


Mechanical working parts including ceramic disc cartridges for valves and seals

Warranty Terms

This warranty takes effect from the date of delivery of VANICO-MARONYX product to its retailer. Normal use of parts such as light bulbs is not covered by the warranty.

Defective parts or any defect in material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced (according to the manufacturer's choice) with a product of similar value, free of charge, excluding installation, for the original purchaser. The replacement of a part under warranty is as follow: the replacement part will be shipped free of charge to the retailer or to customer's house at his expense. In any case, uninstallation and installation are not covered. In most areas, your dealer will be able to direct you a certified installer.

Conditions, Cancellation and Limits of this Warranty

Care instructions

Service Policy

If a problem arises with a VANICO-MARONYX product, first address your request to your retailer within the prescribed time limits (see below), who will determine the actions to be taken to correct the situation. Rest assured that we will work closely with your retailer and do everything we can to rebalance the situation as soon as possible.

To help us process your request quickly and efficiently, please provide the following information to your retailer:

  • Reason for request
  • Packing slip number
  • Invoice number and/or product description
  • Reference allowing the retailer to identify the original order

In order to facilitate understanding of your request, we recommend providing the retailer with 3 photos showing the problem at 3 different distances (see example below).

Service Exemple 3 photos2

Example of pictures to send

  1. A photo from a normal distance of use.
  2. A photo of the product showing a diameter of approximately 18".
  3. A close-up photo showing a diameter of approximately 6".

Request Submission Deadline

Contact your dealer

Submit a request to your dealer.