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Wood (contemporary)

⅝" thick Select Royal wood veneer, stained and protected by two coats of clear lacquer or catalyzed oil.

Classification of colors according to the degree of variation of the wood

(L): Light - Fairly even grain and contrast
(M): Moderate - Moderate veining and contrasts
(H): High - Pronounced grain, contrast and plank effect

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WPO-111-C Natural white oak (M)
WPO-202-C Bleached white oak (M)
WPH-211-C Oiled hickory (H)
WPH-253-C Moka hickory (H)
WPA-131-C Natural ash (H)
WPA-222-C Bleached ash (H)
WPA-139-C Cinder ash (M)
WPA-155-C Gray ash (M)
WM-102-TC Bleached Maple (L)
WM-126-TC Cigar Maple (L)
WM-121-TC Arabika Maple (L)
WM-129-TC Thunder Maple (L)
WW-201-C Oiled walnut (M)
WPB-101-C Natural birch (H)
WB-153-TC Suro Birch (L)
WB-154-TC Ebony Birch (L)

Advantages, maintenance and warranty

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