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About us

Proudly delivering your own vision of comfort!

"Vanico-Maronyx is a very special team of worker-shareholders who proudly design and manufacture personalized bathroom products locally, driven by a dedication to deliver your own vision of comfort."

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Bathroom products proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec

Our creativity, know-how, and ingenuity come to life at our semi-automated 78,000 sq. ft. plant in Terrebonne. This incredible facility allows us to combine three areas of expertise under one roof:

  • Furniture: vanities, linen cabinets, mirrors, medicine cabinets, and dressing tables
  • Composite: sinks, vanity top sinks, shower bases
  • Stone: quartz countertops


Functional design

For Vanico-Maronyx, visual and functional aspects are absolutely inseparable, regardless of the product being developed.

A world of possibilities

Always at the forefront, we continuously envision new ways to personalize your space according to your needs and desires.

Canadian manufacturing

Recognized for its innovation, our team takes pride in local design and manufacturing, ensuring exceptional quality.

Worker-shareholder cooperative

Focused on collaboration, human development, and sharing success, Vanico-Maronyx redefines standards with its worker-shareholder cooperative model.

Our story

  • 1980
  • 1990
  • 1998
  • 2018
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The early days: 1980–1989

Vanico and Maronyx started out as two separate companies.

  • VANICO, founded in 1980 in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, manufactured kitchen and bathroom cabinets for the local market.
  • MARONYX, founded in Boucherville that same year, specialized in designing sinks, countertops, bathtubs, and showers.
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Partnership: 1990–1997

In 1990, Vanico and Maronyx decided to combine their respective strengths and design unique vanity assemblies in Quebec.

It was a new kind of partnership in the Quebec market that made possible bathroom furniture collections with a simpler approach, based on the exclusive production of compatible furniture and sink combinations.

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Merger: 1998–2017

Vanico and Maronyx moved into a shared Terrebonne facility in 1998. Not only was it easier to work together, the move laid the groundwork for the next step—the partners’ official merger in 2000.

Vanico-Maronyx then expanded into Ontario and the United States and moved into a new manufacturing sector: stone.

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Expansion: 2018 to the present day

Growing rapidly, Vanico-Maronyx moved into a new purpose-built facility.

The 78,000 sq. ft. plant is unlike any other in North America, combining three sectors: furniture, composite, and stone.

This imposing facility with its highly specialized equipment is designed to serve a more diverse North American clientele, including multiunit project contractors.

Vanico-Maronyx by the numbers

years of creativity, innovation, and experience
colors and materials to personalize your decor
possible combinations of products and sizes for every preference
proud and committed worker-shareholders
78,000 sq. ft.
one-of-a-kind facility in North America
units/year production capacity

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Innovative manufacturing technology

From product creation to delivery management, Vanico-Maronyx usesadvanced technology to maximize operational efficiency.

  • 3D CAD software product design
  • Computerized production for made-to-order, personalized manufacturing
  • 3D printer prototyping
  • Integrated management (ERP) system
  • Barcode readers for production monitoring, control, and continuous improvement

Furniture sector

Vanico-Maronyx’s primary sector producing cabinets, linen closets, mirrors, medicine cabinets, and dressing tables manufactured using a semi-automated process designed for personalization.

  • Two complete log breakdown lines
  • Precise CNC cutting
  • Edge gluing with humidity- and heat-resistant PUR adhesive
  • Furniture finishing department (stain, oil, lacquer)
  • Automatic frame clamps for precision alignment
  • 2 cabinet assembly lines to meet the needs of personalized or bulk manufacturing
  • 1 specialized assembly line for mirrors, medicine cabinets, and dressing tables
  • Made-to-measure boxes for specific product packaging

Composite sector

Specialized in-house sector where sinks, vanity top sinks, vessel sinks, and shower trays are manufactured in an environment that meets the latest standards in environmental protection and worker health and safety.

  • Mould design, production, and maintenance
  • Surface painting in a well-ventilated location
  • Computerized vacuum casting for consistent quality
  • 5-axis CNC grinding for dimensional accuracy
  • Hand polishing for a flawless finish

Stone sector

Vanico-Maronyx’s high-end sector where countertops and quartz tops are made the way they should be.

  • Work with whole slabs
  • Automated CNC cutting for maximum precision
  • Fully automated edge finishing and polishing for flawless results

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