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Thermo film seamlessly covers and shapes tops and edges of doors and fronts for trouble-free cleaning.

Computer-assisted thermoforming on an Excel MDF panel (density 32% higher than standard MDF eliminates warping).


T-35-S Satin white
T-49-G Glossy white
T-176-S Satin warm white
T-04-G Glossy cold white
T-202-M Mist
T-233-M Fossil
T-85-M Indigo
T-745-M Panther
T-171-G Glossy portobello
T-209-T Muscade
T-172-G Glossy dark grey
T-256-T Argento oak
T-96-G Glossy platinum
T-153-T Pewter pine
T-42-G Glossy black
T-114-T Charcoal ash

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