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Personalize your furniture in 9 easy steps!

Choosing bathroom furniture is not an easy task. The possibilities are almost endless, especially when it comes to highly personalized furniture. To prevent excitement from turning into confusion, we’ve created a practical guide with the key steps you need to take, along with our sound advice.

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1. Identify your needs

To identify your needs, first ask yourself who will be using the room. Children, adults, guests? Try to imagine yourself in your daily routine. Visualize your entire family’s lifestyle and determine what bothers you about your current furniture. Do you lack storage space, lighting, counter space, or a makeup area?

The box “Our best recommendations depending on the type of bathroom” will help you see things more clearly.

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2. Adjust your investment

Generally speaking, you’ll get the best return on your investment if you invest based on the value of your property. Here’s the approximate percentage we suggest you spend on a complete bathroom renovation, including labor and all materials:

  • Full bathroom: Between 5% and 7% of the value of your property
  • Powder room: Between 2% and 3% of the value of your property

As a guide, plan on spending between 10% and 30% of this amount on your personalized vanity depending on the bathroom type. See the section below for more details.

Our best recommendations depending on the type of bathroom

3. Choose a look you like

Now that you have a better idea of your needs, you can focus on the style you want for your furniture. Ideally, it should match the rest of your home. To find out which trend resonates most with you, click to discover the top 5 design inspirations behind our collections.

When choosing a collection for its style, consider the overall look, not just the layout you see. Each collection features a whole range of products, sizes, and colors available to suit your space, tastes, and needs.

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4. Identify the types of products that are right for you

All our collections offer a wide range of complementary products, which are grouped into 7 main categories. Use our tips below to determine which types of products are right for your needs.

5. Determine which layouts make sense for your space

At this stage, you should have already drawn up a plan of your bathroom. If you haven't, click here to find out how.

Our products are available in a variety of sizes to fit virtually any space. To help you choose the right layout for your bathroom, we’ve provided examples of typical widths for single and double layout, which may vary slightly between collections.*

For console-type furniture on legs, leave at least 4″ of space between units. For wall-mounted or freestanding (on the floor) furniture, units can usually be right next to each other, with no space between them.

Vanities are normally 19″ to 22″ deep. For more compact furniture, read our special tips for small bathrooms.

*Each collection on our website provides an overview of the products and dimensions available (click to see an example).

Exemple Neolito60 v2
NEOLITO 60" - Layout including 1 or 2 sinks with mirror or medicine cabinet, with or without linen cabinet

Design examples

Let's imagine you have a 60" space to fill in your bathroom. You are interested in the NEOLITO collection. Here are five different configurations suggested for this same space, emphasizing the importance of identifying your needs before choosing your design.

PL Muse
Quartz Vasque

6. Personalize your countertop and sink

The right countertop surface will accentuate the style you want for your room. Do you prefer a seamless vanity top with sink and countertop molded into one piece or a quartz countertop with an undermount or vessel sink? Most of our collections allow you to personalize your countertop surface and offer different models of sinks.

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7. Select materials and colors

More than 80 colors and different materials are available to personalize your furniture according to your tastes. Your choices will have a huge impact on the value and look of your furniture.

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8. Add options

Many products offer options to boost your everyday comfort. Your in-store advisor can help you decide which ones best suit your needs.

On our website, click each product to see the available options, which vary depending on the product selected.

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9. Consult a dealer

You are now ready to meet with a dealer. They can answer your questions and go over your choices with you. Happy shopping!

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