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Choosing materials for your furniture

The material and model of doors and facades you select will have a huge impact on the look and value of your furniture. Use the guide below to make an informed choice.

Coiffeuse Essentia Style 3

Browse our 4 models for doors and facades

Each collection offers a single model for doors and facades available in various materials and colors to better fit the style you’re looking for.

  1. CONTEMPORARY: Straight, without framing
  2. TRANSITIONAL FRAME: Delicate ¾" frame for a subtle transitional design similar to contemporary
  3. TRANSITIONAL SHAKER: 2 ¼" frame for an assertive 45° or 90° transitional look depending on the collection
  4. TRANSITIONAL ELEGANCE: 2 ½" molded frame for a more classic look

All about our materials


The new melamine on the market imitates wood almost to perfection and is much more affordable, making it the best economical solution. The scratch-resistant and easy-to-maintain surface makes it the perfect choice for a secondary or kids’ bathroom.

It comes in many colors in a matte finish to match the contemporary look of your bathroom.


Contemporary only

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Thermo is a durable, ultra-moisture-resistant material. Doors are molded to create a neat, attractive finish and to prevent water infiltration.

It’s the only one of our materials that comes in glossy colors and satin and textured finishes.


Contemporary, Transitional Frame and Transitional Shaker

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One of the latest innovations is Sublime, which comes in trendy solid colors with an ultra-soft matte finish. It is well suited to vintage and contemporary looks with a chic and cozy atmosphere.

This European-inspired material consists of an MDF panel coated with a polymer that’s extremely resistant to impacts and scratches.


with fused edge banding achieves one-piece flow with no visible joint.

Transitional Frame, Shaker and Elegance
are molded without any edge banding for an even cleaner, sleeker look and greater quality.

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Wood stands out from other materials for its richness and warmth. It’s ideal for a main bathroom or to elevate the look of a powder room. Depending on the color selected, wood is protected by VOC-free oil or low-VOC, water-repellent, water-based lacquer that is UL GREENGUARD Gold Certified.


with color-coordinated edge banding. See the colors available.

Transitional Frame, Shaker and Elegance
with solid wood contours, which enhance the strength, durability and look. See the colors available.

Satin lacquer

With its soft, even tones, our opaque, water-based satin lacquer blends beautifully with a contemporary or transitional decor with a clean, classic look. The edges, delicately rounded by sandblasting, disappear under the layers of lacquer in a neat finish with no visible joint.

It’s the perfect material for a warm and cozy main bathroom.


Contemporary, Transitional Frame, Transitional Shaker and Transitional Elegance

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A 134

Custom satin lacquer

Have a specific color in mind? Choose a custom satin lacquer color to add a bold and unique touch to your bathroom. Simply provide a color code from a paint manufacturer!*

*Additional fees apply.

Main advantages of each material

Check out our suggestions for materials by bathroom type

Color Selector

Find the perfect color combination for your bathroom by comparing a countertop color and a cabinet color for a given collection.