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Countertop and sink buying guide

Among the types of countertops available on the market, we decided to focus our range on two top-quality materials perfectly suited to the reality of bathrooms: PURESOLID and quartz. These two nonporous surfaces are resistant to impact and heat, which are essential features in today’s bathrooms.

One-piece PURESOLID countertop

PURESOLID is an advanced engineering composite that combines a natural mineral with innovative acrylic resin. It sets a new standard of quality and excellence in our industry. This type of surface lends itself to flowing designs with clean edges and pairs well with a sleek, contemporary decor. The sink and countertop are molded into one piece, so there is no joint to be cleaned.

Two types of countertops are available depending on the collection:

Other benefits of PURESOLID vanity top sinks

Silky finish, soft to the touch

Nonporous material naturally antibacterial and easy to clean

Ultra-dense composition, solid as rock!

No joint between the sink and countertop, which makes maintenance easy and prevents build-up of mold and mildew

Most of our vanity top sinks are made from 100% North American compounds at our plant in Quebec

Restorable to its original state

Less expensive than quartz

5-year warranty

Quartz countertop with separate sink

Quartz, one of the hardest known minerals, is exceptionally beautiful and even stronger than marble, granite and stone. Made of 93% natural stone, this rugged, nonporous ¾" thick material is heat, scratch and stain resistant, waterproof and very easy to maintain. This surface comes in a selection of colors, veining and textures and is suitable for both contemporary and transitional decors.

Other advantages of quartz

Chic, luxe look

Excellent resistance to stains, scratches and cracks

Increased resistance to heat and common household chemicals

Safe and hygienic surface with a near-zero porosity coefficient

Easy to maintain

Multiple colors available

10-year warranty

Undermount sink

  • Sleek, clean look
  • Easier to clean because dirt can be slid directly into the sink
  • Better value than a quartz countertop with a drop-in or vessel sink
  • Porcelain or Unimar 3.0 undermount sink

Drop in sink

  • Original look
  • More suitable for transitional style furniture

Vessel sink

  • Adds a chic and stylish touch to your space
  • Suitable for contemporary, vintage, retro or country-style bathrooms
  • Can be enhanced by a custom exterior color
Sweet ext bleu
A 134

Vessel with colored exterior

To add a bold and unique touch to your bathroom, choose a vessel with a colored exterior.

Have a specific color in mind? We can develop a custom satin color. Simply provide a color code available from a paint manufacturer!

Suggested countertops and sinks based on your needs

Choose your sink model

Consult the Sinks and Countertops section of our website to discover the range of possibilities.